TKB T-Shirts. Seriously Guys?


A week or so ago I was on Skype with Matt, planning and discussing our ongoing pre-publication endeavours. Our conversation somehow drifted to our upcoming family holiday to Canada, and I suggested (somewhat in jest) that we should get some t-shirts with TKB logos on them for the trip.

It turned out the very same thought had occurred to Matt just a few days previous. He’d kept the idea to himself however, and gone ahead and made it a reality. A couple of days after the Skype call, having forgotten all about it, I received a rather cryptic text from Matt asking me to drop over to see him, stating that there was something I needed to see in person.

It turned out he’d gone full throttle with the t-shirts idea, and it looks like Canada are about to be treated to some walking, author shaped, TKB billboards. Well it is one way to introduce ourselves :-)

Here’s a couple of the pics from the night I dropped over to see what so desperately required my personal attention.

TKB Seeing Eye to Eye
TKB Seeing Eye to Eye

After failing to settle things with a good old fashioned stare down we decided TKB should go proper old school :-)


In other news, our Debut Novel Quarry turned is now in the hands of the first of our beta readers. Aside from a few moments of anxiety after pressing the irreversible send button, we’re now excitedly anticipating  their feedback.


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