A full length military science fiction novel, Quarry Turned is our debut novel and the first installment of the Dominion series.  Please check out our cover design and book description below.


 Quarry Turned (Dominion: Book 1)

For centuries the Endurans have been mercilessly expanding their empire. A race of sadistic and xenophobic supremacists, they callously exercise dominion over their galactic subjects. In their cold amber eyes, other species are destined to become one of three things; enslaved, ingested, or … extinct.

Driven by an enigmatic leader, a fledgling resistance of disparate alien survivors have secretively banded together. This alliance, spurred on by their collective hatred of the Endurans, have suffered in silence for long enough. The time for hiding is coming to an end. Unfortunately, being displaced from their homeworlds, and with their populations decimated, the Alliance are short on one crucial resource.

Unaware of the dangers that lie in wait, humanity has established their first extrasolar colony. On Earth, first contact is just around the corner. Commander Marc Winters is about to be given a challenge he could never have imagined. With command of the United Earth Defense Force’s latest and most advanced warship, and a unique crew to boot,  his first mission as ship’s captain could very well seal the fate of mankind.

A military science fiction novel, Quarry Turned weaves the stories of an implacable enemy empire, an irrepressible alliance of alien survivors, and the naive but highly trained crew of a solitary human warship.


‘Characters In Combat’


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