Rob & Matt, TKB

The eldest and youngest siblings in our family, we were born, raised and live in Ireland.

Married in 2007 I am the proud father of two beautiful little girls, and my brother and co-author Matt is definitely a strong contender for the title of favourite uncle.

From an early age we’ve shared much in common, from our tastes in food to our sense of humour and trains of thought, we’ve always clicked. Naturally this extended to our love of science fiction. My mother faithfully informs me that even as a toddler I was happy to sit on her knee watching re-runs of Star Trek: The Original Series. Our parents attic is probably still littered with countless toy spaceships and figurines; from the enduring Stars Wars to the more obscure and short lived Manta Force (a little bit after my time admittedly, but a favourite for Matt during his toy playing days).

Growing up, this trend continued with us both avidly watching one science fiction movie and series after another, and probably spending way too much time thinking about spaceships and aliens. As a teenager and young adult I began reading more and more science fiction, regularly ordering small bundles of new paperbacks every couple of months. Many of these eventually finding their way into my brother’s hands, who surprise surprise, enjoyed them just as much as I did.

Over time our interest has narrowed and become firmly, and I’d imagine immutably, fixed on the sub-genre of military science fiction. If it’s good, we literally can’t get enough of the stuff. With the advent of Kindle our consumption rates went through the roof. Whenever we’d meet it was never long before we were discussing the books we were usually simultaneously reading on our respective Kindles.

Sitting in my car late one cold night in February 2014 after returning from the cinema, we got chatting about our favourite shared interest yet again. This time however, it led to the very definite decision that we should do this too, write a novel that is. Within days we were up and running on Google docs, and with almost nightly Skype calls we were away and working towards making our decision a reality.

We are now the proud authors of Quarry Turned, a full length military science fiction novel, and the first book of the Dominion Series, and hopefully at the beginning of a new and lasting shared interest.


Official website of TKB, authors of Quarry Turned, the first book in the Dominion series